Managing Accounts

Managing a scholarship account takes time and effort. The information and resources below will help make your work easier.

IU Foundation distribution policy

A major component of managing a scholarship account is calculating how much money you need to raise. Currently, the IU Foundation distribution policy is approximately 4.5% annually. In order for these distributions to accumulate, the balance must be invested in the principal side of the endowed account.

For example, if you want to raise money for a $1,125 scholarship, you will need to know how much money you should have in your endowed account to generate this amount. Your calculation would look like this:

$1,125/4.5% = $25,000

An investment of $25,000 will be required to generate distributions of $1,125. Use this template to calculate how much is needed to fund the scholarship(s) your chapter wishes to award. Please contact your IUAA liaison with questions regarding the status of an account’s investments.

Monitoring your account balance

Scholarship and Account Balances are prepared by the Indiana University Alumni Association for our Alumni Communities. These reports are for our communities and groups and outline the account balances for each month. Scholarship Balances will be updated by the 15th of every month.

For balances and questions regarding an Alumni Communities account, please contact your IUAA liaison.

Depositing funds donated for scholarships

The timely deposit of scholarship donations is important not only to ensure that scholarship donations are correctly documented separately from chapter allocations, but also so the scholarship accounts can maximize its interest earnings.

Donations by check should be made payable to the IU Alumni Association and include the name of the designated scholarship account. Mail checks to: IU Alumni Association, Attn: Your IUAA Liaison (search the IUAA Staff Directory), 1000 E. 17th St., Bloomington, IN 47408. The Alumni Business Office will complete a gift deposit slip and deliver the funds to the IU Foundation.

All online donations are automatically deposited into the selected scholarship account.

Important reminders:

  • Chapter/Group allocations cannot be used for donations to scholarship accounts.
  • Donations are automatically deposited to the income side of the account, except for endowed accounts.
  • If donations are deposited to the principal side of the scholarship account, that intent must be clearly stated in writing when the donor makes the gift.

Advertising your scholarships

IUAA chapters and groups have the option to request lists of students, so they can directly advertise their scholarship. Before you are eligible to request a list, you must:

  1. Sign the Agreement for the Protection of Proprietary Information form. We are unable to compile and share student information with anyone who has not completed this form.
  2. Complete the Student Data Request Form to request incoming and/or current student contact lists. Lists of current students will include street addresses, while lists of incoming freshman only contain email addresses.

Once the list is compiled, the email address used to submit the form will receive a link to a secure, password-protected website to download the list. An IUAA liaison will send a separate email containing the password required to open the document.

After a group representative downloads the list of eligible students, please inform the students that your chapter or affiliate group offers a scholarship, and that they may apply through their One.IU account.

Fundraising for your scholarships

We’re so excited that you want to fundraise for you scholarships! Make sure to contact your IUAA liaison at the beginning of your process—we want to help you!

For more information about fundraising and sponsorship tips, check out the Fundraising & Sponsorships page.