Food and Alcohol Sales, Serving, and Conduct Policy

A framework for sales, serving, and conduct


The Indiana University Alumni Association, Inc. (IUAA) and its Board of Managers support university efforts to enhance the safety of everyone attending university events and promote responsible drinking behavior and food safety among all its constituents.

IUAA recognizes that alcoholic beverages and food may be served at alumni programs and events from time to time. This policy provides a framework for the sale and/or serving of alcohol and food at events, offers guidance to protection and safety for programs, and to maintain proper insurance protection coverage for all events operating under the auspices of the Association. IUAA staff and volunteer training programs will reinforce that the best protection against tragedy and legal liability is to use care and discretion in planning and delivering events.

This policy applies to all activities formally associated with the Indiana University Alumni Association on and off campus. This includes all alumni groups (affiliate, campus, and constituent groups) chartered by the Association, as well as groups using the Virgil T. DeVault Alumni Center or other premises contracted by the Association.


Responsible Alcohol Service

  • Activities at which the consumption of alcohol is the primary activity are not permitted. Examples include pub crawls and happy hours. The focus of events never should be related to alcohol or the consumption of alcohol, and always be focused on meaningful activities that are mutually beneficial to IU and IU Alumni.
  • Alcoholic beverages shall not be offered at programs exclusively designed to attract current or prospective students who may be under 21 years old.
  • Alcoholic beverages may never be served to minors, individuals who arrive intoxicated, or individuals who become intoxicated at the event.
  • Alcoholic beverages must be served by a licensed third-party vendor that is qualified to serve alcohol and has liquor liability insurance coverage. Neither University staff nor the customer will be permitted to provide the beverages, serve them, or in any way handle the service. All persons engaged in the service must be agents of the licensed caterer.
  • Alcoholic beverages never may be served by any volunteer or staff person representing IUAA.
  • Alcoholic beverages must not be offered in a manner that promotes them as “free” or “without cost” although host bars are acceptable, subject to
  • approval in advance of the event from the IUAA Business Office.
  • Alcoholic beverages must not be served “self-service” style or by any other uncontrolled means.
  • Food must be provided or available for purchase at events at which alcohol is being served.
  • Non-alcoholic beverages must also be offered at events.
  • Under no circumstance will “bring your own” (BYOB) events be allowed.

Food Protection

  • All food served at any IUAA-sponsored alumni program or event should be prepared and packaged by a licensed, third-party vendor that is qualified, certified and licensed to serve food.
  • Events which do not take place in an establishment where food is prepared and served may provide and serve food, but it should be prepared and packaged by a licensed third-party vendor (i.e. a catering company, local restaurant, pre-packaged and prepared goods from a grocery store).
  • Pot-luck style events in which homemade food is prepared and brought to the event are not permitted at IUAA-sponsored events.
  • Reasonable precaution should be taken in the serving and distributing of pre-packaged food items. Volunteers or staff persons experiencing symptoms of sickness should not handle food intended to be distributed to event guests.
  • Reasonable steps should be taken to inform event guests of ingredients likely to be potential allergens. When possible, nutritional facts with ingredient lists should be made available when the event takes place outside of an establishment where food is prepared and served.

Staff and Volunteer Conduct

Staff employees and volunteers of chartered alumni communities are representatives of IUAA and are expected to conduct themselves in a professional manner and comply with the Indiana University policy found at .

Many IUAA staff members and volunteers attend events and activities where alcohol is served. Representatives of IUAA are expected to be aware of their consumption and behave in an appropriate manner.

Alumni Events Held at Locations Other than University Property

Alcohol can be served at events that are hosted, sponsored, and/or supported by the IU Alumni Association, provided the alcohol is served and/or sold by a caterer/restaurant (third party vendor) that is authorized, insured, and licensed to serve alcohol.

If an instance should arise where a guest has consumed too much alcohol, staff and/or volunteers should notify the manager of the facility and ask him or her to handle the situation.

Alumni Events Held on University Property

Events held on the property of Indiana University must follow established university and campus policies and the laws of the State of Indiana.  The complete policy for Indiana University Policy is found at

Providers and Insurance

Providers of alcohol and alcohol services (bartending) at an IUAA function hosted at the DeVault Alumni Center must be on the IUAA approved list. For a list of approved caterers, please go to . To be on this list, the provider must:

  • Provide proof of liability coverage (Certificate of Liability), including dram shop coverage, in the amount of $3 million.
  • Name the Indiana University Alumni Association, Inc. (IUAA) and its staff, volunteers and associates, as an additional insured on said policy.
  • Absent any negligence on the part of IUAA, agree to assume defense of any claim or suit that includes IUAA as a defendant.
  • Exception: Events held at an establishment that has a liquor license do not require the establishment to meet any of the terms in this section. It is recommended, that a Certificate of Liability, naming IUAA as an additional insured, is provided.

Third Party Events

  • The IUAA and its affiliates will not publicize or promote, including in IUAA-sanctioned newsletters and social media, third-party events that do not have a direct connection to an IU, IUAA, Big Ten, or NCAA cause or event. This does not include events or causes taken up by a chapter or affiliate (such as IU Cares projects or chapter participation in a benefit for the local food bank). Individuals who interact with social media presences maintained by IUAA may choose to share events with fellow alumni or users. The IUAA facilitates these connections, but cannot be held responsible for third-party causes or events that conflict with this policy.
  • In support of university efforts to curb alcohol abuse, the IUAA and its affiliates will not publicize or promote, including in IUAA-sanctioned newsletters and social media sites, bar crawls or events with the main or sole purpose of drinking.
  • Volunteers representing IUAA affiliates are responsible for adhering to third-party policies related to the use of logos or corporate identities (e.g. Big Ten).
  • The Big Ten and NCAA reserve all rights to all trade names and marks.  Please contact them prior to promoting events using “Big Ten” or “NCAA”.


Please contact the Alumni Business Office or your staff liaison at IUAA if you have any concerns or questions regarding compliance with this policy.  Failure to comply with this policy, may result in inadequate insurance coverage and unnecessary risk for the IUAA, its staff, volunteers and alumni. As a result, the failure to comply with this policy may result in revocation of alumni community charter, dues allocations, membership, and other privileges and services provided by the IU Alumni Association, as well as appropriate legal action.

Date of last update

This policy was last updated November, 2018.
This policy replaces the Responsible Alcohol Use Policy, September 2017.
This policy replaces the Third party Events and Events with Alcohol policy, August 2010.