Access to Donor and Alumni Biographical and Fundraising Data

Data Access


The Alumni/Foundation Information System houses data from three organizations: the IU Foundation (IUF), the IU Alumni Association (IUAA), and the IU Alumni Office (IUAO, a department of Indiana University). Each of these organizations has authority over various data elements within the shared system. The IUAO is the official university office responsible for maintenance of alumni data. The IUF is the official fundraising organization for Indiana University and is responsible for the data related to fundraising. The IUAA is the official alumni organization for Indiana University and is responsible for data related to membership, communications, and activities for IU alumni. This document establishes the policy for volunteer access to donor and alumni biographical and fundraising data (“Data”) provided through the IUF and IUAA shared system.


This policy applies to all IUAA volunteers. This policy does not apply to the Online Alumni Directory.


Access to Data will be granted to recognized volunteers engaged in the execution of work related to the mission ofthe IU Alumni Association or the IU Foundation. Every volunteer will be required to sign an agreement acknowledging the following before access to Data will be granted:

  1. The Data is proprietary information and the exclusive property of IUF and IUAA.
  2. Volunteers will use the Data solely in connection with preparing and executing the volunteer activity in support of IUF and/or IUAA.
  3. Volunteers will exercise all reasonable precautions to assure that the Data is held in strict confidence.
  4. Volunteers will not disclose the Data to any third parties (including other alumni volunteers) without prior written consent of IUF and IUAA, and until the third party has also entered into an “Agreement for the Protection of Proprietary Information” with IUF and IUAA.
  5. Volunteers will exercise all reasonable precautions to prevent loss, theft, compromise, or misuse of the Data.
  6. Immediately upon completion of the volunteer activity, volunteers will destroy the Data. Data destruction should include: shredding paper, deleting computer files (including emails in all folders, as well as sent items) and emptying computer recycle / deleted items folders.
  7. Volunteers will not retain any copy or copies of the Data once the volunteer activity has been performed or completed.
  8. If a volunteer is required to disclose any Data pursuant to legal process, the volunteer will notify IUF and IUAA before disclosing the Data, in order to allow IUF and IUAA to seek an appropriate remedy to protect the Data.
  9. Information accessed will not be used for personal purposes or personal financial gain.
  10. Knowledge of any unauthorized use, theft, or loss of donor/alumni data will be reported to the chief executive officer of IUF or IUAA immediately.
  11. All ethical restrictions that may apply will be observed.
  12. All applicable laws or policies of IUF, IUAA, and IU with respect to access, use, or disclosure of information will be abided.

Data related to fundraising that is contained in the IUAA and IUF shared system has been classified as critical trade secret data within the IU data classification system. The critical trade secret classification as well as respect for the privacy of individual donors dictates that such Data is only released on a need-to-know basis to volunteers engaged in fundraising work.

Procedure for acquiring access

Access to Information

Requesting access:

  1. When applying for access to Data the first time, an “Agreement for the Protection of Proprietary Information” form must be completed.
  2. The appropriate staff liaison must approve the form.
  3. The staff liaison must submit a copy of the fully executed form to either the IUAA Data Manager or IUF Data Manager.

Change in Nature or Reason for Access:

  1. When circumstances arise that will cause a change in the nature or the reason for an individual’s access to Data (e.g. end of volunteer commitment, change in volunteer role, change in purpose for the use of the Data), a new “Agreement for the Protection of Proprietary Information” form must be completed.
  2. The appropriate staff liaison must approve the form.
  3. The staff liaison must submit a copy of the fully executed form to either the IUAA data manager or IUF data manager.


Volunteer reports and/or Data requests should be made via the staff liaison supporting the initiative requiring volunteer access to Data.

Release of additional data

The release of Data to a volunteer, not explicitly defined in this policy, may only occur with written authorization from one of the following individuals or their delegate:

  • Associate Executive Director, IUAA
  • Executive Director, IUAA
  • Senior Vice President Development, IUF
  • Chief Executive Officer, IUF


Failure to comply with this policy may result in the following sanctions, including but not limited to: suspension or termination of an individual’s access to Data and use of information technology resources, or removal of an individual’s access to online material; termination of an individual’s employment in accordance with any applicable policy; university disciplinary action in the case of a student; civil or criminal liability; or any combination thereof.


Access is defined as the ability to view and receive an electronic or hard copy of query and/or report Data provided through the IUF and IUAA shared system. Such Data will include the following:

Biographical data:

  • Name
  • Birth Name
  • Home Address
  • Home Phone
  • Cellular Phone
  • Email Address
  • Spouse Name(s)
  • Student Activities
  • Volunteer Activities
  • Graduating College / Preferred School Constituency
  • Graduating College / Preferred Year
  • Job Title
  • Employer
  • Business Address
  • Business Phone
  • Business Email Address

Fundraising data:

  • University-Wide Giving Societies
  • Unit-Specific Giving Societies
  • Areas of Giving
  • Prospect Rating

The only exception will be to exclude those donors who have specifically requested that their giving remain anonymous. Staff liaison is defined as an IU, IUAA, or IUF employee who is working on an initiative that requires a volunteer to have access to Data.


Agreement for the Protection of Proprietary Information

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Volunteer Biographical Data


Senior Executive Director, IUAA


By the IUF Policy Committee September 26, 2012 and the IUAA Board of Managers October 26, 2012

Date of last update

This policy was last updated October, 2012.