The IUAA has adopted a unified nametag format to be used at all IUAA-sponsored events. All nametags should use the same template (which includes the proper font style and sizing) and includes the following:

  • First_name
  • Last_name
  • IUAA member_status

Membership Status Categories are :

  • “IUAA Life Member”
  • “IUAA Annual Member”
  • The member status for Non-Members should be left blank.

Membership status information will be provided for events that use an IUAA hosted online registration form.

The image caption follows
Avery Label #5392 (adhesive)
The image caption follows
Avery Label #88395 (insert)

Merging registration lists into Word

To merge registration lists into Word, follow these steps:

  1. Open appropriate nametag template Word document
  2. Select “Mailings” tab
  3. Select “Select Recipients”
  4. Select “Use an Existing List”
  5. Merge Registration List matching the appropriate fields
  6. If you’d like, “Preview Results” to confirm the result is correct
  7. Select “Finish & Merge”
  8. Select “Print Documents”