Event Services & Merchandise

Planning an event? We can help!

These forms are intended for volunteer leaders requesting an event listing and/or registration form be published for their event. Your liaison will request the appropriate information be created based on the information you provide.

Volunteer leaders should request an event listing when you want event details to simply be listed on the IUAA Events page, but you do not need people to pre-register. Request an event listing with online registration form when you want attendees to pre-register for the event.

Requests should be submitted at least six weeks prior to an event date. Please provide all requested information a prospective registrant may need to understand the objective and details of the event. You are welcome to provide a photo to accompany their event registration. Featured images should be at least 720×300 pixels and can be uploaded through the form.

Please reach out to your liaison with any additional questions or information. Example registration forms can be found at IUAA Events.

Get your event on the IUAA Events Calendar

Request alumni data lists

Email your IUAA liaison to request data lists such as alumni contact information, alumni counts, community research, etc.

Request event merchandise

If you need promotional items (membership materials, pom-poms, name tags, IU table tents, etc.) check out our Event Merchandise page to place an order.