FAQs, "What if" Scenarios, and Pro-tips

Flipping the script isn’t easy because we have to change our habits of how we talk about the member program. We’ve been collecting the most frequently asked questions, pro-tips from staff in the field, and scenarios from volunteers who talk about these changes often.

If you have any pro-tips or scenarios you deal with often, we’d love to hear them. Send your story to iuaamemb@indiana.edu.

Frequently Asked Questions

"What if" scenarios

What if there is no chapter in their area?

Consider joining one of the virtual groups when our online platform launches in spring, or our Virtual Book Club. We also offer a number of travel opportunities, if that’s an option for you: IU Travels, Winter College in Florida, Mini University in Bloomington are all options for members who are interested in expanding their horizons.

“I’m not interested in game watches.”

The IUAA offers a wide range of programs and services. This year, our communities are focusing on events that welcome new people to the area, events to celebrate IU Day, and community service activities. Centrally, we’re organizing a virtual book club and a virtual network for members only.

“I didn’t graduate from IU Bloomington.”

The IUAA is for alumni from all campuses.

“I don’t want to receive even more emails from IU.”

Yes, we agree that IU has an email problem. We’re working on it, but it’s going to take a while to sort it out. You can opt out of emails from the bottom of any email.

What if someone is really mad at IU?

Be a good listener. If you can, connect them to alumni or campus resources that you think are best positioned to help. Or call us at IUAA — we want to help connect people to resources as needed.

What if they are worried about the financial commitment?

The IUAA appreciates support of any kind, even  up-to-date contact information through the IU Proud level. We also offer payment programs and recurring giving at low amounts.

What if they are frustrated by the higher dollar amounts for recognition?

The IUAA is now offering member recognition through the IU Proud program for no financial investment. People who believe in mission will support us financially.

Why the price increase?

In the past 25 years, the IUAA raised member dues only one time. Increases in expenses were covered by other revenue streams, which have now dried up. Recognizing members at higher contribution levels is one of many tactics the IUAA is taking to make the member program sustainable long-term.

Who receives member contribution allocations?

Campuses, schools, and chartered communities currently receive a formula-based allocation of member contributions. Campuses and schools are phasing out of allocations and into a grant program. By 2021, only chartered communities (including those that have combined with regional campuses) will receive the formula-based allocations.

Why did the membership program change?

Our five-year plan (2015,) challenged us to create a free level — the IU Proud program. Simultaneously, we realized that the expenses of the Annual and Life membership programs were outpacing income. (In fact, we’ve only raised dues once since 1994.) Further, our members and alumni, through focus groups and surveys, that our programs should not focus on transactions (like annual payments), but on alumni. The result is IU Loyal and IU Life.

What if someone wants to purchase a gift membership?

If a person wants to make a member contribution and have another receive recognition credit, write us at iuaamemb@indiana.edu. We don’t have a front-end way to handle this, and the language is tricky.

Why should I financially support the IUAA?

We transform an expansive network of IU alumni into meaningful communities— fostering lasting connections and inspire enduring acts of gratitude toward IU and one another. We believe that those who support our work of building meaningful alumni communities will support the IUAA.


New words, new vernacular

We have a lot of changes to the way we talk about our new member program. We are now using new words to describe familiar elements of the program.

  • Member program, not memberSHIP. Our program recognizes “members”—the people who support us—rather than “membership”—the transaction. We’re dropping the ship.
  • Member contribution, not membership dues. Rather than paying dues, we’re asking people to make a member contribution.
  • IU Loyal Alumni fund, not operating or endowment. When members make their contribution, all of the money goes into a single account – the IU Loyal Alumni Fund – rather than into either operating funds or an endowment.
  • Many people benefit, not just one. When members make the member contribution, the money is used to the benefit all members, not to purchase a benefit for a single person.