Core and Enhanced Services

The benefits conversation

While the conversation about our member program is shifting to a more emotional appeal, the rational and tangible element is still important. The key is that information about member benefits should only be used to support big ideas — not replace them.

IUAA members will continue to receive extras from the IUAA, and those items vary depending on recognition level.

  • All members – IU Proud, IU Loyal, and IU Life — receive core services.
  • Members who make investing in IUAA a financial priority, will receive an enhanced level of services. Those enhanced services may change a little year over year, but today, they look exactly the same as the current Annual Membership and the current Lifetime Membership.
  • Most core and enhanced services are available through the IUAA Member Hub, which members can access by signing in to
Service Type IU Proud IU Loyal IU LIfe
Core Services Yes Yes Yes
Enhanced Services No Yes Yes