Moving the Loyalty Needle

The IUAA has been measuring loyalty using the Net Promoter System since 2012. We’ve observed that our most successful loyalty programs share three key traits:

  1. A member-focused audience
  2. IU-driven content
  3. IU-centric networking and relationship building

With loyalty as our goal, we will invest in content and programming that reflects all three key traits.

Focus on Members

While the IUAA’s general target audience for acquisition and awareness is all IU alumni, we focus on funding programs that inspire loyalty in members and advance them toward advocacy.

With IUAA staff executing highly-effective acquisition methods, we’re asking campuses, schools, and volunteers to focus on retaining our existing members through stewardship.

Stewarding members

The following are examples of IUAA programs that focus on members.

Deliver IU

Without exception, IU alumni are interested in all things IU. They join out of pride, and they rely on us to keep them engaged with IU by offering highly-curated content and connections. When designing loyalty programming, the following five items should be by, for, and about IU or its alumni:

  • The content or program
  • The speakers, experts, or authors
  • The venue or location in which you hold your program—and the way it’s branded IU
  • Guest list/audience
  • The messaging

The following are two programs that achieve “more IU.”

Connect Alumni to One Another and to IU

IU Alumni Association programs foster connections. In fact, this directive comes from the IUAA mission statement:

“The Indiana University Alumni Association brings alumni together to support IU and one another throughout their lives.”

The IUAA’s mission speaks to the heart of what loyal alumni value—connection with their alma mater and other alumni.

The VIP Treatment

Over time, we’ve learned that, while big events give alumni a reason to return to IU, smaller events help alumni form valuable IU relationships. Deeper connections are cultivated in more intimate settings, where people have the opportunity to talk, exchange contact information, and follow up with one another.

IU Bloomington Homecoming is a great example of how the IUAA makes a big event feel small. At the annual homecoming parade, attended by thousands of people, we offer a members-only VIP experience with bleacher seating and a catered reception along the parade route.