Loyalty Journey

Advancing Alumni, Inspiring Loyalty

As Indiana University alumni, we’re part of a body of more than 712,000 living graduates and more than 1 million alumni. Those are powerful numbers.

With that being said, it’s impossible for us to form meaningful relationships with everyone. Instead, we focus on those who raise their hands and declare interest—IU Alumni Association members.

The act of joining is important and notable. At its core, it’s an expressed desire for a relationship with IU. It says, “I’m in.” In response, it’s our job as alumni relations advocates to learn more about our members’ values and inspire greater loyalty to our institution.

The IUAA visualizes the alumni journey as a path on which we work to advance alumni from acquisition to stewardship as their loyalty grows. Meeting alumni wherever they are, we produce enticing programs—spirited events, recognition, volunteer opportunities, and editorial content—that prompt them to advance, noting their increasing loyalty as they journey toward advocacy.

We recently now introduced IU Proud—a new member level that removes the financial barrier, making it easier for our alumni to say “I’m in.”

With IUAA staff executing highly-effective acquisition methods, we’re asking campuses, schools, and volunteers to focus on retaining our existing members through stewardship.

Loyalty to IU = Successful Alumni Relations

We measure member loyalty using the Net Promoter System (NPS). Our annual Alumni Engagement Survey asks members a single NPS question to determine how well IU’s alumni relations enterprise, including the IUAA, is engaging and advancing alumni.

Learn more about measuring loyalty with NPS