Member Program

A Community Where You Belong

Thank you. As a volunteer for the IU Alumni Association, you’re the face and voice of the IUAA to hundreds if not thousands of Indiana University’s alumni and friends. Through your unique IU story, you speak powerfully about the impact and importance of being a member of the IU Alumni Association and engaging with IU.

One requirement for chartered communities is member program integration. More specifically, chartered communities:

  • Enhance the member experience
  • Maintain active and paid member status for all volunteers serving in leadership roles
  • Comply with existing IUAA member program policies

In this section, you will find resources to help you meet your member program requirement, including reports and a recruitment guide. Member program reports document current member numbers and contain updates on chapter, school, campus, and affiliate group segments. The member program guide provides tips to help you grow your base and enhance the member experience, including welcoming and recognizing members.