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Alumni stories in the news

To help find stories about Indiana University alumni, IUAA uses a news alert service. Similar to Google alerts, our service points out general stories and news mentions based on a customized search query. We can’t share our software, but we can share some of our search results.

By clicking the buttons below, you can access stories about alumni sorted (to the best of our ability) by the campus associated with their degree. In these alerts, you’ll find a broad variety of news stories we found — awards, retirements, marriages, birth announcements, etc.

A few notes:

  • We currently display 25 search results per campus.
  • Larger campuses produce more results because they have more alumni.
  • All degrees say “Indiana University.” So, many news stories don’t denote which campus a person graduated from, only that they are a graduate of Indiana University.

For more great stories about IU alumni, be sure to read Pride.IU.edu. Enjoy reading!


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