Marketing Tools

Tools for telling the IU and the IUAA story

IUAA charter communities use a variety of tools to communicate with the IU alumni audience. These tools include:

  • iModules email service
  • Social media services, such as Facebook and Twitter
  • IU Visual Branding Resources, a suite of resources from IU Communications, customize by IUAA’s Alumni Marketing Team

As communicators, it’s important that we use these tools to gain instant recognition from IU alumni. As IU messengers, it’s important that we present IU in a similar way to continue strengthening IU’s brand recognition. IUAA offers three guides to help maximize these tools. In addition, Indiana University offers a number of helpful resources.


IUAA helper guides

Email messaging guide

The IUAA partnership with iModules is a great opportunity to be directly in touch with your group.

Email guide

Social media guide

Share your story with alumni in a quick, easy, and engaging way.

Social media guide

Visual branding guide

When it comes to visuals, let IU’s brand do the heavy lifting!

Visual brand guide

Rock-solid resources from IU

Brand website

IU Communications offers a wide variety of building blocks to help all communicate the IU story.

Master IU’s master brand


IU Communications curated a nice collection of photographs for IUAA use. Their only request: credit IU Communications.

IU Communications photos

Photos from IU Archives

IU Archives offers photos from the beginning of IU time (or almost, anyway.)

IU Archives Bloomington

IUPUI Image Collection

Photos from IUAA

Don’t forget: Your IUAA offers a wide variety of photos on Flickr.

IUAA on Flickr