Fundraising & Sponsorships

Fundraising best practices

You feel strongly connected to your IU community, and we want you to be able to do everything you can to give back to it. All chartered alumni communities can raise additional funds through events and activities to benefit fundraising initiatives.

If an alumni group is going to actively fundraise, please follow the solicitation approval process outlined by your IUAA liaison.

Tips for fundraising:

  • Build a balanced budget—make sure that your revenue outweighs your costs!
  • Have a “Give Now” button on your group’s web page and/or email messages.
  • Add a place to donate to your fundraising initiative on the event registration form.
  • Take advantage of special fundraising opportunities that IUAA offers (e.g. IU Day Crowdfunding opportunities).

Don’t see what you’re looking for? Contact your IUAA liaison for additional assistance.

Fundraising events

Our alumni communities host a variety of events to benefit fundraising initiatives. Events like golf outings, scavenger hunts, lunches/dinners, and community service projects are fun ways to build community and friendships while raising funds for a worthy cause.

We all benefit from the success of others, so please share news and tips about your successful events on the IUAA Alumni Leaders Facebook page. This is a great place to seek advice from other alumni leaders too!

IMPORTANT NOTE: The IUAA does not support gambling, games of chance, etc., nor do we have a license to do so. Therefore, please strictly follow the IUAA Drawings, Gaming, Prizes, Awards, and Gifts Policy.


Before soliciting any business for donations and/or sponsorships, be sure to view the IUAA Sponsorship Policy.

Feel free to use and update the Sponsor Solicitation Sample Letter and the Sponsorship Registration Form Sample. Don’t forget that all letters and forms must be reviewed and approved by the IU Foundation before sending. Please work with your IUAA liaison closely on this process.

Tips for finding a sponsorship:

  • Mine your personal networks or LinkedIn for established connections or relationships with local businesses.
  • Consider existing IUAA sponsor partnerships. The IUAA has established partnerships with several national sponsors. Contact your liaison to learn more about potential sponsorship conflicts and/or opportunities to capitalize on these existing relationships.
  • Some businesses operate on a calendar year instead of a July 1 to June 30 fiscal year. Know this information so you can ask for support early in their FY and/or during their budgeting cycle.
  • Be sure to contact a business with plenty of lead time before the event. Last minute requests may not be able to be fulfilled.
  • Be prepared to tell the business what it will get in return for a donation (i.e.: free advertising on event materials, complimentary seats/table at the banquet, recognition before and during the event, etc.).
  • Don’t be afraid to negotiate. Flexibility and creativity can often lead to great partnerships. Just be sure to follow and comply with the IUAA Sponsorship Policy.