Distinguished Alumni Service Awardees: An Honor to Serve the Honored

In the afterglow of an amazing Homecoming Weekend, I can sit for a moment and reflect on the outstanding alumni that I met and was privileged to interact with on an intimate level. There are so many stories to tell about these distinguished alumni, as well as the families and friends that supported them that night on October 10. Just a bit about their service to IU and beyond can be read in the press release.

I have a special relationship to the weekend in my role as Director of Events and Facilities. It’s my honor to guide our VIP guests through their weekend experience, starting with their guest room accommodations and meals, to the floral arrangements, ceremony staging, gifts, and any other special touches that come up. The key to a stellar experience is hospitality, warmth, and attention to detail – something that my mentors have instilled in me and that I strive to impart to my IUAA team.

If you watched the full Distinguished Alumni Service Award (DASA) video, you will agree with how welcoming and impactful the event was.

I am proud of the work of the University Ceremonies and Events staff, as well as my colleagues at the Alumni Association, for creating a very special event for these DASA awardees and look forward to many more occasions like this in the future.

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