Trustee Election Campaign

Our School, Our Vote

As graduates of Indiana University, we have the unique responsibility of electing three of the nine members of the IU Board of Trustees. The remaining members, including the student trustee, are appointed by Indiana’s governor. Each alumni-elected trustee serves a rotating three-year term, so a trustee election is held annually.

IU’s trustees are responsible for vital tasks like helping steer major university decisions, managing the multi-billion-dollar budget, and coordinating projects that will shape IU’s future. That’s why it’s so important for qualified candidates to run for trustee, and for all graduates to vote in the election.

It’s Time to Vote

The annual IU Trustee Election is conducted by the Office of the Dean of University Libraries and the IU Alumni Association. You can visit to learn more about the nomination and election processes, meet the candidates, and cast your vote. Voting opens June 1 and closes at 10 a.m. ET on June 30 unless the 30th is a Sunday, in which case the election will close on the last business day of June.

Since IU’s trustees make the decisions that shape our university’s future, it’s so important for graduates to vote and become a part of something that is integral to our alma mater. That’s where IU chartered communities come in—we need you to promote the election and encourage IU graduates to cast their vote.

Let’s Get Started

Follow these steps for initiating your Trustee Election Campaign. For more information on how to vote, please visit the IU Trustee Election webpage. For an overview of election promotion guidelines, visit the IUAA Trustee Election Guidelines page.

Step 1: Activation

Complete and submit the IU Trustee Election Campaign activation form.

Step 2: Training and Resources

Once your activation is reviewed and approved, you’ll receive an email that explains the available resources, reporting requirements, and expectations of this core campaign. This email will provide you with access to campaign-specific resources, including:

  • Email copy
  • Social media copy and images

Step 3: Reporting

Complete the Trustee Election Campaign reporting form and share how you promoted and participated in this year’s election.

For more information about the Trustee Election Campaign or chartered communities, please contact your IUAA liaison or Rachael McAfee at or 812-855-3918.