Scholarship Campaign

Support Future IU Alumni

Throughout the years, the IU Alumni Association has awarded millions of dollars in scholarships to tens of thousands of IU students. This impressive level of support would not be possible without our devoted volunteers and members.

As one of the core campaigns within the chartered communities program, there are three ways your group can give back to IU and support future alumni:


Your group should raise money for your scholarship fund by working with your liaison to send approved emails and letters, using social media posts and ads, passing out pledge cards at events, and directing people to your “Give Now” button when appropriate.


A large piece of the scholarship campaign is encouraging students to apply. Your group should work with local school districts and guidance counselors, service clubs, and the media to create awareness of your scholarship program among students.


Everyone loves a celebration, especially in the name of IU! Honor your scholarship recipients on your social media account and with email messages to your group. You can even host an in-person event, or present at the recipient’s awards night at school.

Even if your group does not have a scholarship program, there are still ways for you to be involved! Please contact your IUAA liaison if you are interested in promoting gifts to the general Alumni Chapters Scholarship Fund or other areas of impact.

Let’s Get Started

Follow these steps for initiating your group’s scholarship campaign. For more scholarship information, please visit the Our Indiana scholarship webpage or contact your IUAA liaison.

Step 1: Activation

Complete and submit the Scholarship Campaign activation form.

Step 2: Training and Resources

Once your activation is reviewed and approved, you’ll receive an email that explains the available resources, reporting requirements, and expectations of this core campaign. This email will provide you with access to campaign-specific resources, including:

  • Scholarship talking points
  • Approved solicitation and thank you letters
  • Pledge cards and business reply envelopes
  • Social media copy and images
  • Email copy for potential scholarship applicants, fundraising, and recipient announcement
  • Customizable award certificate

Step 3: Reporting

You should complete the Scholarship Campaign reporting form by May 15. This form collects information on revenue, satisfaction, and participation for your scholarship campaign. We recognize that you may not have participation numbers by May 15, so plan to indicate how you will celebrate your scholarship recipient on the form.

For more information about the Scholarship Campaign or chartered communities, please contact your IUAA liaison or Rachael McAfee at or 812-855-3918.