A Look Back…

As both a new academic year and a fresh season of alumni engagement opportunities begin, I’ve been reflecting on the successes and lessons of our year that ended June 30, 2013. Thanks to the passion and generosity of IU alumni, Indiana University and your alumni association had a banner year. I’d like to share a …

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Welcome to!

I’m so excited and proud to launch the IU Alumni Association’s newest resource for volunteer alumni leaders. Welcome to! This blog was created for you, our current volunteers. We’ve witnessed your passion and dedication, and we’re committed to providing you with everything you need to make a difference for IU. From meaningful tools and …

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IUAA Bucks National Trend!

As you are aware, we’ve placed an important emphasis on growing our membership over the last year. Under Elizabeth Blevins and Joan Hall’s leadership we’ve done just that! We announced a few days ago that we experienced an increase in membership over the last 9 months of the 2012-13 fiscal year that ended June 30, …

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Are you “ALL IN”? The IUAA Membership Challenge is on!

At this year’s Alumni Leaders Conference, we issued a challenge for all of our alumni volunteers: Recruit 10 new annual IUAA memberships or one lifetime member. The potential growth from these efforts could impact IUAA in such an exciting way!

So, how are you doing on your “ALL IN” commitment? Be sure to record your progress on the Membership Challenge page of the Volunteer Leaders Intranet. You can use the form to find the recent IUAA members you recruited and track your achievements. Soon you could find yourself on the leader board!

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Above and Beyond: Support the programs that connect IU alumni

Thanks to the generosity of our most dedicated members, IUAA programs serve more than 570,000 IU alumni. Financial gifts “above and beyond” membership dues provide vital support for the many worthwhile programs the IUAA offers, including scholarships, the global alumni directory, the alumni community network, and community service, educational, and travel programs. For more information …

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Inside the ALL IN photo booth

We had such a good time at this year’s Alumni Leaders Conference, held June 7-8 in Bloomington. If you haven’t checked out the photo booth pics, now’s your chance! Seems like everyone from J T. to Barbara Baker had fun posing with mustaches, bowties, pom-poms, and more. See the photos on Flickr »

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Volunteer Leaders Intranet: Find the tools you need to be IU’s advocates

The Volunteer Leaders Intranet is specifically designed for you, our current IU alumni volunteers. You’ll find useful information about maintaining an alumni community—plus downloadable resources, info on chapter finances, and more. Way more. So what’s on the intranet, anyway? Membership Toolkit and Challenge Tracker Downloadable resources, such as the IUAA Visual Identity Summary Email best …

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