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Keeping up with our incredible alumni body would be impossible without you. That’s why we want to give you the resources needed to make this happen. Consider this site to be your toolkit. Like any good guide, it will become worn with use, filled with new information, and evolve over time. We hope this site provides you with everything you need to be an advocate for IU in your communities.

In 2020, we worked with you—our most valued alumni leaders—to develop our Organizational Plan. We are using this plan as our roadmap to help guide us as we work together to build a powerful global network of alumni who are committed to one another and our alma mater.

We look forward to learning, growing, and making a difference with you.

Go IU!

J T.
J T. Forbes, BA’90, MPA’96
IU Alumni Association Chief Executive Officer

Thank You for All You Do for IU

Description of the video:

[Background music] [Arial view of Indiana University] [View of the DeVault Alumni Center from a red and white tulip garden] [Mark Cady and Eric Hafner holding thank you signs] JT Forbes: Every day, Indiana University chartered alumni communities bring alumni together to support IU and one another. Our volunteer leaders are the heart and soul of this undertaking, working to create a community where all alumni belong. [Chartered Communities Handbook displays] [IUPUI Office of Alumni Relation staff and IUPUI Regatta’s Executive Director, AJ Hunger, post with a “We love our volunteers” photo and an IUPUI Regatta paddle] JT Forbes: Today, we come together to say thank you. [IU Alumni Association staff flip over signs spelling out “T-H-A-N-K Y-O-U”] [A view of IU Commencement Ceremony] Hannah Thomas, Class of 2018, IUAA Scholarship Award Winner: Thank you, your generosity and commitment to alumni scholarships helped me get to where I am today. [Hannah Thomas poses for a picture with her Indiana University diploma] Dan Niersbach, IUAA Intern: Thank you for welcoming me into the IU alumni family. I know when I move to Chicago, I have a community of people who will help me prepare for whatever comes next. [Dan Niersbach speaks holding a photo of the state of Illinois] [Aerial view of the IU campus] [A view of Downtown Indianapolis in the distance of a building with IUPUI painted on the roof] [Man walks holding a book] Debbie Lemon, Secretary, Board of Trustees: As graduates of Indiana University, we hold the unique privilege of running for and electing three IU trustees. Thank you for advocating and promoting the election, encouraging all graduates to vote, and urging qualified candidates to run. These efforts, your collective voices, are crucial to the success of Indiana University. [Woman walking] [Man walks up the stairs] [A block displays with the IU Alumni Association logo] [4 men pose for a photo holding a bike] [IUPUI Regatta teams paddle their canoes in the Downtown Indianapolis Canal] [IU fans cheer on their team with a sign that says “#GOIU”] Teri Moren, Indiana University Women’s Head Basketball Coach: Thank you for making every day IU Day. By joining the world's biggest IU celebration, you, our most dedicated alumni leaders, set an example for all who love IU. These connections and experiences that you foster, along with the national championship, are a cause for celebration. [A mother, wearing a red and white striped suit, plays an IU guitar while her daughter plays a keyboard] [Grandfather and granddaughter high five in their IU gear] [Man gives a presentation in a suit coat and red and white striped pants] [IU swag] [A photo displays with the words “We genuinely share the SPIRT of IU”] [The IU Women’s Basketball team celebrates with their coach in the locker room] [The IU Women’s Basketball team celebrates on the basketball floor”] [The IU Women’s Basketball team poses with their trophy and banner “2018 Postseason Champions”] [Kelly Carnahan poses with an IU group photo] Kelly Carnahan, Executive Director of Alumni Marketing: Your IU stories speak powerfully about the impact and importance of being a member of the IU Alumni Association. By working together, we can create the best possible member experience and we can continue to build a community where all alumni belong. Thank you for going on this journey with us. [IU Travelers pose for a picture with an IU Travels banner] [The IUPUI Office of Alumni Relations and IUPUI Regatta Executive Committee pose outside on the IUPUI campus] [A photo of an Alma Mater group displays holding an IU Alma flag] [Kelly Carnahan reappears holding the IU group photo] [“We heart or members” poster displays in front of a garden of red and white tulips] Kathy Lopez, Class of 2017, LAA Student Scholarship Award Winner: Alumni-funded scholarships made my IU education a reality. Thank you setting me up for a lifetime of success. [Kathy Lopez poses with her Indiana University diploma cover] [IU Regatta team winners pose for a photo with Jawz, one of IUPUI’s three mascots] [We scale across trees] [Rachel Jones McAfee holds a sign “We heart our Alumni Leaders!”] Rachel Jones McAfee, Director of Alumni Communities and Volunteer Management: As a volunteer for the IU Alumni Association, you are the face and voice of IU's alumni and friends. As the university has changed and grown, so have you. Throughout this evolution, you believed in us, you stuck by us, you lovingly critiqued us, and you helped shape what it means to be an alumni leader. You are a part of something bigger than yourself. From all of us at the IU Alumni Association, thank you. [Showalter Fountain at IU] [Indiana University] [We view the sky from behind a leaf with the sun shining in the background] [Three hanging flower pots hang from a light pole on the IU campus with the American flag, IU Flag and a third flag blow in the wind behind them] [The IUAA staff appear again holding the letters that spell out “T-H-A-N-K Y-O-U”] [The IUAA staff flip over their letters spelling out “T-H-A-N-K Y-O-U”] [Thank you fades in, in front of the red and white tulip garden] [The Indiana University Alumni Association logo appears] [Background music fades away] [End of transcript]

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