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Keeping up with our incredible alumni body would be impossible without you. That’s why we want to give you the resources needed to make this happen. Consider this site to be your toolkit. Like any good guide, it will become worn with use, filled with new information, and evolve over time. We hope this site provides you with everything you need to be an advocate for IU in your communities.

In 2020, we worked with you—our most valued alumni leaders—to develop our Organizational Plan. We are using this plan as our roadmap to help guide us as we work together to build a powerful global network of alumni who are committed to one another and our alma mater.

We look forward to learning, growing, and making a difference with you.

Thank You for All You Do for IU

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Executive Council Leaders for FY 2025 Needed!

My office has barely started the new fiscal year, but recruitment is all year-round! Please think about your IU community members who would be excellent Executive Council members. It’s ...

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By Rebecca Keith | Posted in the following categories: Events, IUAA Policies

Alumni Spotlight: A Duet with Anders Hui and Andrew Ling

Anders and Andrew met while attending the Jacobs School of Music back in 2001. Sharing a commonality of being from Hong Kong, they quickly turned friends and are now ...

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By Paige Thomas | Posted in the following categories: History and Inspiration, Spotlight

Emerging Alumni Leaders: Meet Courtney Robb

“The opportunities were so incredibly endless,” said Courtney Robb, BA’18, on her time as a student at Indiana University. As an Emerging Alumni Leader, Courtney has continued to take ...

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By Kaitlin Scott | Posted in the following categories: Spotlight

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